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Quashnets PHY Co Rod Photos

Rod Maker Handwriting and Other Identification Markings on Paul H. Young Co. Fly Rods

Several rod makers worked for the Paul H. Young Co. They include Paul H. Young, Robert W. Summers, Jack Young, and Todd Young. Don E. West of Dallas, TX is believed to have finished and sold rods that Paul H. Young sent to him as blanks.
These makers were active at various (sometimes overlapping) periods during the company's history.

Signature and date by Paul H. Young, June 6, 1945.

Handwriting by Paul H. Young, July 1948.

Handwriting by Don E. West, November 1950.

The link below takes you to a group of close-up photos identifying handwriting seen on PHY Co. rods. Although a signature helps to identify a rodmaker and thus the time period when a particular rod was built, note that the maker who signed a rod may or may not have carried out every step in that rod's construction. If you have useful photos that may be added, please contact me through my Forum inbox or at robertgolder AT comcast DOT net.

Handwriting by Paul H. Young, November 1951. 
Handwriting by Paul H. Young, April 1955.

Handwriting by Bob Summers, 1957. 

Handwriting by Jack Young, October 1960

To see close-up photos of inked handwriting by various Paul H. Young Co. rod makers, please click on the link below. Use your back button to return to the profile page.

Quashnets NNN List

Quashnet's "NNN" List of
Notable, Non-Numbered PHY Co. rods

522 NNN rods listed.
(1061 rods total listed on site).
Most recent NNN entry: December 13, 2016 

The link below takes you to photos and descriptions of some interesting Paul H. Young Co. rods built before serial numbering was instituted in 1955. I call them "NNN" rods: Notable, Non-Numbered PHY Co. rods.

PHY Special (above) and PHY Ace (below),
showing typical ink stamp markings. Late 1940s.


A few rods made after 1955 were built without serial numbers.

Please contact me if you know of similar rods that may be listed here, through my forum inbox or at robertgolder AT comcast DOT net. 

To see the list, please click the link below. Use your back button to return to the profile page.

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PHY Co Catalogs and Advertising

The link below takes you to photos of Paul H. Young Co. catalogs, books, and advertising pieces, shown in chronological order.

There you will find items spanning five decades, such as these Paul H. Young Co. magazine ads:

Outdoor Life, May 1940

Field & Stream, January 1947

Field & Stream, May 1950

Sports Afield, May 1952

Field & Stream, April 1955

Field & Stream, April 1958

Here are some Paul H. Young Co. catalogs: 

Circa 1952. The angler is probably Paul H. Young.

Circa 1955. The angler is Ned Jewett.

Circa 1971. The printed address has been covered by a sticker with the new Traverse City address.

Please click the link below. After viewing the photos, use the "back" button on your browser to return to my profile page.

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PHY Items and Accessories

I am always interested in obtaining Paul H. Young Co. catalogs, fliers, correspondence and accessories. These items shed light on the history of the PHY Co. and help me better understand its development. Please contact me at robertgolder AT comcast DOT net to discuss sales or trades.

THANK YOU! to the wonderful person who sent me a copy of this 1951 PHY catalog, for which I had been searching a long time.


A NOTE CONCERNING THE PHY CO. LEDGER: The PHY shop ledger, in which serial numbered rods were recorded from 1955 onward, was sold by Lang's Auctions. My hope is that the owner will make the contents of the ledger public, so that everyone has access to this important historical record of the Paul H. Young Company. My ongoing effort to document PHY Co. rods will continue, so that Paul H. Young's accomplishments may be better understood and appreciated.

Welcome to the PHY Database Page

The Paul H. Young Database Pages celebrate the work of master bamboo rod maker Paul Holden Young (1890 - 1960).
Over 1000 Young rods are listed in the Database!

This rare PHY woven trout creel, the best example I have seen, has both a larger bag (14" across) and smaller bag (10" across) attached.

For more talk about the history of angling, including classic bamboo rods, click on Annals of Fly Fishing.


I am a full-time illustrator and artist with thirty years of professional experience, who specializes in fisheries and wildlife subjects. I illustrate books and magazines, design exhibit spaces for museums, nature centers and zoos, and accept commissions for framed artwork and murals. To discuss illustration projects, please contact me at robertgolder AT comcast DOT net.

My latest book, The Inland Fishes of Rhode Island, is now available from RI's Dept. of Environmental Management. Click here for more information.


For more information about me and my artwork, please click on the link below. Use your back button to return to the profile page. ...

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Quashnets List of Paul H Young Co Bamboo Fly Rods

Quashnet's List of
Serial-Numbered Paul H. Young Co. Fly Rods

539 serial-numbered rods listed.
(1061 rods total listed on site).
Most recent serial-numbered entry: December 18, 2016

The link below takes you to a list of serial numbered Paul H. Young Co. rods that I have researched.

Serial numbering began in 1955, beginning with the serial number 1955, or possibly #1950. It is believed that Paul H. Young deliberately introduced a gap of 750 or more serial numbers in the numbering system, roughly from #2350 to #3300.

PHY Midge, serial #3622, built by PHY, in 1958.

Paul H. Young died on April 28, 1960. Rod #3888, model unknown, build date March 14, 1960, is reported to be the last rod built during PHY's lifetime. Rod #3889, model unknown, build date May 21, 1960, is reported to be the first rod built after PHY's death.

If you know of PHY serial-numbered rods that may be added to this list, please contact me through my Forum inbox or at robertgolder AT comcast DOT net.

To see the list, please click the link below. Use your back button to return to the profile page.

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PHY Co Photo Display

An exhibit of Paul H. Young Co. flies, small tackle items, and accessories.




PAUL H. YOUNG "BLUE JAY" DRY FLY, with paper tag.

PAUL H. YOUNG LOGO PRINTER'S BLOCK, used to print PHY catalogs.

An early PAUL H. YOUNG TRANSPARENT FLY BOX, filled with dry flies from the PHY Co. Notice that Young's business is described as "taxidermists."

Two PHY Preen tins. This fly and line dressing was marketed by Paul H. Young as early as 1933, and probably earlier. Bob Summers has shown me two different sizes of Preen tins, plus Liquid Preen in a small glass bottle. This tin measures 2-3/4" across, and is the larger tin.

Two PHY Trik-Kutters and a PHY line and leader gauge. Both tools were available at least as early as the 1930's. Shown with the materials they were designed to be used with: a packaged PHY Spanish gut leader, and a PHY dry fly (spentwing Adams Egg Sac pattern, circa 1942).

A PHY folding "Trik-Kup" shown with its catalog listing.

Two PHY spent-wing dry flies, an Adams Egg Sac and a Royal Coachman, circa 1942.

The "Trout Fisher's Cleaning Knife," shown with its description in the Paul H. Young tackle catalog.

Martha Marie Young's own Hardy St. George fly reel. Mrs. Young's initials are on the reel foot of this 2-9/16" Hardy St. George Junior, and her name and the address of the PHY Co. are on the side of the leather case. Built with an agate line guide and adjustable drag, the reel came with a letter of authenticity, circa 1991, when Martin J. Keane offered it for sale in his Classic Rods & Tackle catalog, No. 74 (1998).

Paul H. Young's own Meek (Horton Mfg.) No. 4 bait casting reel. Used by Paul Young in casting tournaments and for fishing, this reel was accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Mrs. Young, dated October 1985, when it sold at Lang's November 11, 2000 auction.